Battery Capacity Tester Module (1.2-12V)

Battery Capacity Tester Module (1.2-12V)

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  • Power Supply Voltage: DC4.5-6V (micro USB interface)
  • Working Current: no more than 70mA
  • Discharge Voltage: 1.00V-15.00V resolution 0.01V
  • Termination Voltage Range: 0.5-11.0V
  • Support Current Through: Maximum 3.000A resolution 0.001A
  • Maximum Voltage Measurement Error: 1% ?0.02V
  • Maximum Current Measurement Error: 1.2% ?0.002A
  • The Highest Battery Capacity Range: 9999Ah (1Ah=1000mAh)


  1. The battery under test should be fully charged first.
  2. Connect the positive pole of the battery under test to the positive input, the negative pole to the input negative pole, and the reverse polarity (the reverse connection with the load may damage the circuit)! Connect the load to the output positive and output negative, and give the tester micro USB working power (not available for desktop or notebook USB), and the battery voltage is displayed.
  3. To start the test directly, just press the ?OK? button, the tester can automatically set the appropriate termination voltage according to the battery full charge voltage and will flash the display 3 times to start the test. Need to manually set the termination voltage only need to press the “+” or “-” button to modify the battery voltage display state, the termination voltage display is P beginning, the latter represents the voltage value, the resolution is 0.1V, after setting, press “OK” start testing.
  4. After the test starts, the tester will turn on the electronic switch that controls the load. The test process data display will be displayed between the discharge capacity (Ah), the current discharge current (A) and the battery voltage (V). When the battery voltage reaches the set termination voltage, the tester cuts off the load control switch, and the display data stays on the capacity (Ah) and flashes rapidly with the corresponding indicator light. The capacity displayed at this time is the actual discharge capacity of the battery. ?OK? can terminate the flashing to make the data display stably. Press the ?OK? button again to return to the power-on state and replace the battery test.

Error Codes and Meanings:

  • Err1: Battery voltage is higher than 15V
  • Err2: Battery voltage is lower than the set termination voltage
  • Err3: The battery cannot withstand the load discharge current or the line internal resistance is too large
  • Err4: The current is too large (current exceeds 3.1A)
  • Err5: Improper use or wiring error has caused the device to burn out and cannot be used (current sampling or control switch MOS burned)