DC 5V-12V to 12V 1A Uninterrupted Charging Module

DC 5V-12V to 12V 1A Uninterrupted Charging Module

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  • Product Name: UPS Voltage Converter Module
  • Working Voltage: DC 5.0V – 12.0V
  • Output Voltage: DC 12.0V
  • Output Power: 12W
  • Support Battery: 3.7V Lithium or polymer battery 15Ah(Max)


  • Its max output current is 1A and can not keep output 1A.
  • The positive and negative poles of the input power supply cannot be reversed Otherwise the module will be damaged.
  • Users can install a common anode Red-Green LED yourself as charging indicators. The green light indicates whether there is a load at the output. Keep Red is charging. There is no battery if Red flashing. Red OFF if charged.
  • Due to the large current, it is recommended to use a thicker wire. Wire cross-section greater than 1.5 square millimetres.