Micro:Bit Extension Board

Micro:Bit Extension Board.
Micro:Bit Development Board not Included.

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  • Power indicator: Powered on the Micro:Bit, the indicator light will be red, no power it won’t light up.
  • 40Pin Micro:Bit Horizontal Socket: Compact size socket
  • Board mounting holes and fixing holes: The outermost two holes are approximately 4.8 mm in diameter and are compatible with friction pins with a spacing of 48 mm.
  • The innermost two holes are about 3.1mm in diameter and can be tightened with ordinary M3 screws. The spacing is about 32mm.
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: ABS
  • On-board buzzer- you can directly use the music module in MakeCode to play music.
  • The 3PIN interface is distinguished by yellow, red, and black. It is created so that plugging it in the wrong way is difficult, and it is convenient to plug in the sensors.
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