i8 Wireless Mini Keyboard

i8 Wireless Mini Keyboard

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1: QWERTY layout keyboard, easier to operate

2: Ergonomic design, fashionable streamlined appearance design

3: The front and back sides are made of fine-grained material technology, and the sides are made of high-gloss material technology, taking into account both vision and feel.

4: Rechargeable lithium battery 300mAh

5: Use environmentally friendly materials, lead-free process throughout the process, and comply with ROHS


6.Bare size: 14.8*9.8*2cm Packing size: 16.5*10.4*2.8cm

This 2.4G mini wireless keyboard is compact in design and can be operated directly by hand, solving the current shortcomings of human-computer interaction in home entertainment and other applications. Applicable to: smart TV/Android TV box/computer/HTPC/home all-in-one machine/network player/notebook /Projector etc.The upper part of the mini wireless keyboard I8 is a touchpad, which is mainly used to move the mouse cursor pointer and has multi-touch function. On both sides of the touch area are multimedia shortcut keys, which can open web pages, volume, fast forward and backward, and cross direction key functions with one click. Below the touch area is a QWERTY full keyboard for convenient text input, and integrated touch speed adjustment function