XH-A901 NE5532 Tone Board Pre-amp Module

XH-A901 NE5532 Tone Board Pre-amp Module

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  • Exceptional Audio Quality: The R-A901 preamp tone board delivers superior audio performance, thanks to its advanced technology and high-quality components. It produces a clear, high-fidelity sound that will enhance your listening experience.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with amplifiers, this tone board is highly compatible with a wide range of audio equipment. Whether you’re a professional musician or an avid music lover, this versatile device will meet all your audio needs.
  • Precise Tone Control: With its high, mid and low tone adjustment functions, the R-A901 preamp tone board allows you to fine-tune your audio output to your exact preferences. This means that you can enjoy customized sound that perfectly suits your personal taste.
  • Dual-Core NE5532 Chips: The R-A901 preamp tone board utilizes imported dual-core NE5532 chips, which offer exceptional performance and low noise levels. These chips provide high-output driving capability and a significant improvement in small signal and power bandwidth, making them good for high-quality audio applications.
  • Easy to Install: The R-A901 preamp tone board comes with clear instructions and is easy to install, even for those without technical expertise. Simply connect it to your amplifier and start enjoying superior audio quality right away.



  • Product model: XH-A901
  • Power supply voltage: DC12V-24V DC
  • Number of channels: Dual channels
  • Installation hole spacing: About 89.3×32.3mm/3.51×1.27inch
  • Product size: About 96x39x16mm/3.77×1.53×0.62inch
  • Product weight: 52g
  • Attention:
    • DC12~24V input, wide voltage input, supply voltage of DC12~24V (note: distinguish positive and negative poles when wiring)
      This product cannot share the same power supply with the amplifier board, and a separate power supply must be used!