XY-J02 Timer Module with Relay

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  1. Trigger Signal Source: High-Level Trigger (3.0 V-24 V), signal ground and system ground are not common, which can increase the anti-interference ability system (short circuit can also connect with a ground common)
  2. Output Capacity: can control no more than DC 30V 5A AC or 220 V devices 5A
  3. Optocoupler Isolation: improve the anti-interference ability, after the parameter setting, it will memory forever
Operating Voltage: 6-30V
Time Interval: 0.1 s (minimum) ~ 999 min (maximum) continuously adjustable
Operation Mode:
P1: After the triggered signal, power relay on time OP, then turn off; within the OP period following operation.
  • P1.1: Signal being triggered again is not effective
  • P1.2: Signal being triggered again, start time again
  • P1.3: Signal being triggered again, reset; disconnect relay, stop timing
P2: Giving the trigger signal, the time after shutdown relay CL power relay OP time; then timing, turn off the relay
  • P3.1: Give the trigger signal after the power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then operating cycle above cycle give signal again, shutdown relay stop timing; cycle times (LOP) can be set.
  • P3.2: After connecting. no need to trigger signal, power relay on time OP, CL shutdown time relay; then the operating cycle above timer cycle (LOP) can be set