XH-A150 Digital Bluetooth Amplifier Board

XH-A150 Digital Bluetooth Amplifier Board

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  • Product model: XH-A150
  • Chip model: PAM8403
  • Supply voltage: 5V (MicroUSB-input)
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Maximum power: 5W+5W

Instructions for use:

  • Install the 18650 battery first; pay attention to the positive and negative points.
  • Two line-link speakers: red is positive and black is negative.
  • Insert an SD card with song files in the SD card slot or a USB flash drive with song files inserted in the USB interface. (There is also a Bluetooth link, but you need to boot first to link Bluetooth.)
  • Open the switch key; it will automatically read your SD card or USB flash drive and start playing songs. If the SD card and USB flash drive are installed at the same time, it will read the SD card file by default and broadcast it. (If you want to broadcast U disk songs, you can press 1 playlist switch button.)

Usage of buttons:

  • Button 1 is the playlist switch button. You can choose to play the SD card or the song on the USB flash drive. However, the Bluetooth link list cannot be switched, and the SD card and the USB flash drive need to be removed.
  • Button 2 is the play/pause button; press the pause button, and press to play.
  • Button 3 can be a cut-song button or a volume button. A quick press is to play the previous song, and a long press is to increase the volume.
  • Button 4 can be the cut song button or the volume button. A quick click is the next song of the broadcast party, and the volume is increased.